our 2022 goals

aich was born with a committed focus on creating new zealand made, inclusive and relaxed basics for your kids while keeping ethical and sustainable practices at our core.

we are still not sure that a company in this industry can be 'sustainable'. it's such a broad term, with so many different meanings and we have much to learn. what we do know is that we can make small changes in the way we design and create, and try to be better than yesterday. we are not aiming for perfect, we are aiming for positive change. we want you to  be able to make educated choices when it comes to your children's clothing and then feel good about the choice you have made when your little one wears their aich.

so here is a list of what we are doing and the goals that we have in the pipeline for 2022.  

currently - 2020


fabric & labels

  • we use a mix of natural fabrics (think cotton, linen, merino) and every so often we are able to create some pieces in organic cotton 
  • all of our fabric is sourced through new zealand merchants who source locally and internationally
  • we have opted for cotton printed labels, these are a eco-friendly and natural option for labelling. 


  • we use sustainable stickers that are fsc certified, made with acid-free paper and are printed with soy-based inks. to find out more click here. 
  • all of your orders will be sent out in compostable mailers


  • we are a 100% new zealand made brand 
  • our pieces are produced consciously and ethically - to learn more about who makes your clothes click here
  • we have launched our circle initiative, to learn more click here


goals -2022



  • use 50% organic fabric and 50% natural fabrics
  • introduce recycled fabrics 
  • trace 50% of our fabrics (to ensure they are ethically and sustainably grown and made)


  • make the switch to sustainable personalised tissue paper. to find out more about this click here. 
  • use sustainable printing options (thank you cards, care cards etc)


  • continue to be 100% new zealand made 
  • recycle 30% of aich pieces sold per year through our circle initiative 


we know these are small changes in the scheme of things but we are big believers of any change is a good change. 

if you have any questions, advice, ideas or want to have a chat about our practices and products, i'd love to hear from you. send me an email on hello@aich.co.nz