circle initiative

when we were dreaming up aich, something at the forefront of our mind was making sure we were doing what we could to eliminate our waste, and recycle where possible. a close girlfriend introduced me to the concept of a circular economy through patagonia’s initiatives - and before i even knew what aich was going to be, i knew i wanted it to be built on a circular economy.

we didn't want your relationship with aich to end when your babe(s) grow out of their clothing and we didn't want aich finding its way to the landfill, and so our circle initiative was born. 

what is a circular economy? it is a concept that aims to eliminate waste and recognises the importance of using pieces for as long as possible and then recovering and regenerating materials at the end of their life-cycle.

how does the circle initiative work? our babes grow out of their clothing so quickly in the first years of their life. so when you no longer have a need for your aich clothing, we give you the option to send these back to us so we can give them a new lease on life. we’ve broken the circle down into four steps below.

wear - grow - circle - repeat 

wear. let your babe(s) play, sleep, eat and love in their aich clothing. maybe even pass these down to a younger sibling.

grow. once your babe(s) grow, it’s time to move on and size up.

circle. send your aich clothing back to us (free of charge - we will send you a prepaid courier bag). after we receive it, we will tidy your clothing up (stains, rips etc), and add it to a pre-loved sale page. for aich pieces that have been loved too hard and cannot be tidied up, we will donate to a cause that re-uses fabric scraps.

repeat. to say thank you, you will receive a discount code to use the next time you shop with us. for every piece you return, you will receive a 15% discount code to use on another piece.

our dream is for your current aich clothing and the next ones to continue to follow a circular economy, and for many babes to love a single piece time and time again.

if you have any questions, or would like to chat about passing your pre-loved aich clothing back to us please send us an email at