kobi bracken

What inspired you to get into the health and fitness industry?

I have always loved that post workout feeling and I really wanted to share that feeling with as many women as I could. To look at WHY we feel so good and HOW to feel this good everyday. I wanted there to be a space where women would feel safe, valued and understood. To know their bodies were able to achieve as much greatness as they put their mind to. It’s not about losing weight, standing on scales or dieting. It’s about showing your body love by moving consistently and creating something that works for you and your body. Changing up movement patterns, trying new things and setting challenges and goals.

You specialise in training girls and mums who want to feel better – such a niche and very important type of training. Do you have any advice for those mums who are wanting to move their bodies safely?

Yes, take each day as it comes. Things don't happen overnight. Don’t rush, start slow, listen to your body and ask questions and don't be afraid to give something new a go.

I know a lot of mamas lose their motivation or drive to move after they’ve had a baby. Your time poor, you’re running on coffee and 2 hours sleep and your hormones are still settling. What advice would you give to those mums?

Ask yourself these questions:

‘What am I prioritising? Am I prioritising everyone and everything else before myself?’

‘Is my cup full or am I trying to pour from an empty cup?’

‘What makes me feel GOOD?’

‘Who do I want to be everyday? How do I want to show up for myself, my family, kids and my friends?’

Have another read of those questions and write them down in a journal or on a piece of paper and answer them with as much thought as you possibly can. Filling up your cup means doing things daily that make you happy. If your cup isn’t full how can you give to others? Your kids and your family want to see the best version of YOU so how and what does that look like, what makes mama happy is the question? Getting outside for a walk, going for a run, yoga, pilates. Try them all, grab a friend, ask for support from a PT that is invested in your well-being not just your money.

I love the mindfulness practices you have implemented and shared with us on your social media – I personally have implemented gratitude journaling after being inspired by you. Can you tell us about what mindfulness practices you include in your daily routine and how these have helped you?

I am no perfect person, I have bad days where I won’t journal and I won’t work out. I am human, I don’t always practice what I preach so I’m not going to describe ‘A day in the life’ because that’s just not realistic. That is not to say I don’t acknowledge those days I miss getting sweaty and moving my body or those pages I have missed in my journal though because I know deep down that these two things ground me, make me a better person and transform me into a more grateful and loving human being. So knowing that makes me want to be consistent, to set a good example and to fill my cup up so I am overflowing with gratitude and love. Each day I will write in my journal (try to) and I will write about three things I am grateful for on that day. One thing that i am excited for and one thing that may be holding me back and that I need to ‘let go of’

Each week I like to have an idea of what activities will do and on what day. Will I do boxing Monday morning, yoga on Tuesday, gym (weight session) Wednesday etc. I have my favourite places in Auckland that I like to go to and use class pass to try new studios. I like to keep my weeks fresh but know come Monday I have a plan and will try to stick to it. My rule is to move 5 - 6 days per week, with one of those being a biiiig walk (1 hour - get outside and enjoy nature)

My goal every week is to stay mindful, stay present and listen to what feels good for me.

You’ve been through a lot in the last couple of years, and you’ve been so honest on social media about the struggles and feelings that come with this. Your positivity and resilience are something so amazing. What is one thing you’ve achieved that you are most proud of?

Overcoming a horrific accident in Bali. Being in hospital for 8 days with a broken femur, fractured eye socket and concussion gave me a new view on life. We are only on this earth once and we only have one body, be kind to it, show it love and honour it for homing you.

 What is your go to smoothie recipe?

I am obsessed with Two Island peanut butter protein so my smoothie always is;

1 x banana

A handful frozen or fresh blueberries

2 x scoop Two Islands peanut butter protein powder

2 x scoop Two islands collagen powder

4 ice cubes

Your choice of milk or water

mmmmm yum!!!!

And finally, (because I am a sucker for a good quote) what is your favourite quote or mantra at the moment?

‘I didn’t come this far to only come this far’

‘Always choose love’