jordyn gregory

Let’s start with the podcast. Can you tell us a bit more about it, why you started it and where your passion for birth came from?

Kiwi Birth Tales started in October 2018, I was living overseas and had always been interested in birth stories (I wanted to be a Midwife when I was at school but ended up taking a different path) and loved listening to podcasts when I was on my daily commute or working out. I had no podcast experience (or creative experience at all) but thought there was a space for a NZ based birth podcast where Kiwi Families could share their unique experiences. It has grown so much from that time, including a Dads Series and a Professionals Interview Series - I am so proud of the empowering and educational stories shared each week.


You’ve recently come back from Italy where you lived with your partner and son Jai. Can you tell us how you found living abroad with a young family? I can’t imagine being away from my support network in those early months! Superwoman.

I gave birth to Jai in Tauranga and we went back to Italy when he was around 10 weeks old, we were only there for 5 weeks until the covid-19 pandemic had us on our way back but it was a wild ride! We have so much family support here in NZ so it was definitely a big change being alone with Jai while Joe was at training or games but in saying that it was so nice to get to know ourselves as a family.


Motherhood is a wild ride that’s for sure! What is one thing you had planned for in motherhood and one thing that took you completely by surprise?

I honestly don't feel like anything can prepare you for being a Mum! I knew there would be sleep deprivation and exhaustion but I think the one thing that has surprised me is the feeling of anxiety around leaving Jai with anyone but Joe - I only last a few hours even at 6 months old (clingymum! haha) and I wasn't expecting that. I think Motherhood changes you in ways you can't expect and I am still finding myself and working out what parts of pre-mum me still fit in this new life!


I am always interested in who people were before they became a mama. You keep some of yourself but so much changes. Who were you before Jai arrived and how have you changed in the months since his birth?

Before Jai I was a confident career woman, working in my corporate job with ambitions to be a leader in my space. I was super social and enjoyed travelling with Joe and friends, and I enjoyed the spontaneous nature of our life. I am still ambitious and social, but those parts of me have changed - I go slower now, I take each day as it comes and I try to enjoy the pace my life is going at now.


And finally, do you have anything exciting in the pipeline for Kiwi Birth Tales that you can tell us about?

So much in the pipeline!! I am so excited about where Kiwi Birth Tales is going, of course each week there will be amazing episodes from Kiwi Families but I also have a few side projects that have come from KBT in the works - one of those is an online Hypnobirthing / Calm birthing course which I cannot wait to launch in July and everything else is TOP secret for now but stay tuned!