georgia rogers


Motherhood – what a wild ride. Some I was expecting, some I really wasn’t. For all the new mamas and mamas to be, what is one thing you want them to know? What do you wish you had known before becoming a mama? 

I’m glad you asked this question. I had a very positive experience with a newborn. Tilly was an extremely happy and easy baby and she slept 12 hours a night from 5 weeks old! (I know, hate me). I was waiting for the baby blues or the PPD to hit me, but it never came. I felt so happy, so lucky, and I loved every moment. I just freaking loved my baby and I loved being a Mum. I know there is a lot of information out there talking about how hard being a new mum is (which is great, people need to have access to all the information) but just don’t forget that it’s also possible to have an absolutely amazing experience and love every moment!

My friend posted this caption, and explains what I am trying to say perfectly:

“They always told me; wait til the baby is here, you won't have any time for yourself. Wait til the baby is here, you won’t sleep again. Wait til the baby is eating, they will make such a mess. Wait till the baby is crawling, they will be into everything. Wait til the baby is walking, you won't sit down again. There was always underlying negativity in what they had to say, but I can’t ever seem to find anything negative about motherhood. If anyone is thinking about becoming parents or wants to know what motherhood is like, all I can is: it is the best thing you will ever do.”

Becoming a mum has really changed my outlook on life, how has becoming Tilly’s mum changed your outlook on life? 

To be honest, I was really prepared for mum life. I have been a nanny since I was legal to work, and right before I had Tilly I spent two years living on Hamilton Island in Australia nannying two gorgeous girls, who I absolutely fell in love with. The youngest sister was 8 months old when I started and was two by the time I finished so I really felt like I had given motherhood a good crack! I so desperately wanted to be a mum and was so ready! 

Being a Mum has definitely made me more motivated to be more comfortable financially. We have set up lots of different funds and investments for Tilly so that hopefully when she starts her own family she has good financial grounds. We are currently saving hard for a house, we would love to get on the property market! (unfortunately we live on Auckland’s North Shore though!) I really hope we are both able to live off my businesses one day. That’s the dream.

I’ve been following your journey with Born Tuesday and Between Homes from their creations. It’s so inspiring watching you build two successful businesses, all while being a full-time mama. Hats off to you babe! Can you tell us a little bit about each of your businesses and what inspired you to start them? 

Thank you so much!

My birth photography business which I only opened recently, came from having a photographer at my own birth. I just absolutely LOVED my photos and would look at them all day every day and would show everyone I knew (against their will). I already knew my way around a camera, loved photography & editing and have always been obsessed with childbirth so I knew straight away that this was my calling! Photographing births had led me to now be photographing newborn and families and event content for businesses, hence being so busy! It really is my absolute dream job, I really hope to get more and more birth bookings!

Born Tuesday came from me patiently waiting for an idea to jump into my head. I wanted to start my own baby related business but wasn't sure what. When Tilly was ready to move into a cot, I couldn’t find any cot sheets that I liked. I straight away got designing and ordered my first shipment a couple of months later!

Mum life is already so busy. How do you balance mum life, two businesses, friends, family, me-time and everything else in between? 

Haha good question! Everyday I am getting busier with my photography business picking up (hence why it’s taken me WAY too long to get back to you with these questions!) I am still a full time stay at home mum and I get all my work done when Tilly has her two hour lunch nap, and then again when she goes to bed for the night. I was very strict with a sleep routine from the beginning which has been a huge blessing in disguise as I know that every day I have the same 2-3 hours to work. I try really hard to be fully present with her, and to only be working during my self allocated time! 

I pack orders for my retail business when Tilly has gone to bed for the night (and that’s all I have to do, as the courier picks them up from our door) And when I have photoshoots, my Mum who lives just down the road has Tilly.

I am starting to feel the stress of work picking up. I have found photo editing to take up a huge amount of time, and I do find myself putting Tilly in front of the TV lately so that I can finish some projects. I either need to organise my time better, look into child care or give myself a longer deadline for editing family photos! (the last option would be best!)

With friends, I never say no. Even if i’m chocka blocka with work, I will always drop everything and meet up with friends. I’m lucky that the majority of my closest friends all have children too so we do catch up alot to give the kids a play together.

Me-time. Something that I’ve been slack with while being so busy. Usually in the weekends when my partner is home I will head out on my own for some alone time, or catch up childless with a friend for a coffee. I try to go to a gym class at 7:30pm a few times a week. It’s a great time as I can pop Tilly down to bed and then run out the door to the gym. The gym is also a great source of me-time as it forces me to stop working. Whenever I do have some down time I will always choose to work, but I can’t do that in a gym class!

You are doing such a great job with both of your businesses – I know that I look to you for advice often. What honest advice do you have for other mamas wanting to start their own ventures? 

That is very kind of you, thank you!

I have known that I have wanted to work for myself forever. I always knew the 9-5 wasn’t for me & I didn’t last very long at university. I have spent years thinking of what I could start as a business, I’ve nearly opened up 3 previous businesses before but they just didn’t have the passion behind it. As soon as I had a baby I knew I wanted to open a baby related business, so I waited until something jumped out at me and I became super passionate and excited about it! So my advice is, if you’re wanting to start something on your own, make sure it’s something you love, something you’re passionate about and something that makes you excited! You’re so much more likely to have a successful business if the person behind the scenes is in love with the process!

And finally, do you have anything exciting in the pipelines for Born Tuesday or Between Homes that you can share with us? 

This year with Born Tuesday I really hope to bring out duvet covers & matching pillow cases! I will have to judge our country's economics before taking a big leap as if people are unfortunate to lose their jobs (due to COVID-19) there won't be a huge amount of disposable income for people to spend on ‘wants’. But at this stage, that’s still the plan! 

Not many exciting plans with Between Homes, but I am hoping to enter some of my birth images into photography competitions this year!