charlotte burt

What inspired you to start The Goods We Found? The brand has evolved a lot over the years, I’ve enjoyed following it, could you give us a bit of a background on the brand and the changes it’s been through? 

Ha, yes it has really changed a lot over the years. I'll start by saying that I am all about putting my young family first and using whats accessible to me. 

TGWF started as an online vintage store. It was birthed from a combination of 2 main things. I was a stay at home mum who was obsessed with second hand shopping. I needed my creative outlet and our home needed less stuff. The stuff was amazing vintage home-ware and furniture pieces,  I still regret selling a lot of it but I have had so much fun doing it. 

We decided to move to Bali for 6 months which meant vintage selling was on pause. But making kids clothes was very accessible so I did that which was really successful.

Shortly after moving to NZ we got pregnant with our second babe Goldie and we still had the travel bug so we decided we would shift into more of a travel/lifestyle Instagram. We intentionally started travelling within NZ and we found that with all the local knowledge we had we could easily make amazing travel guides. So we released our first one, the response was amazing and then the old mate covid-19 hit the scene and all travel was shut down haha. 

So right now we are a lifestyle family, giving insight into our bubble. 

I have always loved the vintage clothing pieces you find and the way you style them. How would you describe your style? 

Oh man, good question. I wouldn't say I have one specific style. But if I was forced to choose a style to stick with for ever it would be 70’s. Pops of colour, boots, bell bottoms, flowy floral dresses. 

Also loving on the way you dress your little ones. What is important to you when choosing pieces to buy for your kid’s wardrobes? 

For the kids I love good quality!! Soft fabrics on their skin. Basics that are easy to get on and off plus comfortable for them to cruise around in all day. 

Can we take a moment to talk about the gorgeous home-ware pieces you find? What is key to you when styling your own home? And do you have any tips for those people trying to nail their interior design?  

Oh, thank you! I guess I find the good pieces because I am literally in an op-shop everyday and that is the key to secondhand shopping - go consistently. In terms of styling second hand goods in your home you have to know which theme, colour palette etc you want in your home and stick to that. Its very easy to see something in an op-shop that's really cool but doesn't fit with everything else but just buy it cause its $5. You end up with a whole lot of mismatched pieces in your home and it all starts feeling junky.

Sustainability and recycling are at the heart of buying second-hand goods, is this something you feel strongly about? I know it’s something that I am keeping at the fore-front of my mind while building the everyday brand, every small change counts. What else do you and your family do to lessen the impact on our earth?  

Well we second hand shop for most of our stuff except our clothing basics and when we need to buy those we try to go good quality and local. 

We recycle. We try to use only one of our cars, in fact once lock-down is finished we will sell one and get family bikes. We are reusing as many glass jars as we can to stop having to use plastic. 

Just little things at the moment but as you say its the little things that count!

At the start of the year you launched The Good Guides - your handy wee guides on staying, eating, and doing through New Zealand. Can you tell us a bit more about these?

Yes so as I mentioned above, they came about after realising we travel a lot and we have a lot of valuable travel information that would fast track others planning and their holidays. Everyone wants the best spots and don't want to waste half of their holidays finding them. So we decided to put all the best (family friendly) places to eat, stay and do for all the towns we were visiting in NZ. We also wanted to be able to meet all the amazing owners of these places and support them as much as possible. 

The thought of travelling with Harper makes the hairs stand up on my arms… what are your tips for travelling with young ones? 

Oh it is definitely challenging but so is being anywhere with little ones! My best advice is just surrender to the fear of travelling with young ones. There will be hard moments that you just have to embrace and roll with it because there are so many amazing moments travelling with small kids. And you are making family memories which also means you are bonding too which is great.

If travelling long distance go on their nap times, have a spot mapped out that you know you will stop to let your groms get out and stretch etc and have snacks on snacks on snaaacks.

And finally, we are all currently in a very uncertain season of life with covid-19 affecting us all. How are you staying grounded and finding your calm in the midst of all this? 

Perspective is everything. For our family and I would say a lot of our followers; We actually have it SO good. Apart from not being able to see family and friends we are so safe, and still have food, and a healthy home environment. For so many homes and children throughout NZ this will be a horrific time purely because of living conditions and the violent environments etc. Plus there is comfort in knowing we are all in this together!